We’re The Concrete People

Our name says it all: we guarantee quality concrete and a people-focussed ethic

We’ve built a legacy of excellence, and our dedication to our clients is a core reason why we’re called time and time again.

We’re made of the right stuff

We believe that happy, safe workers make for a happy, safe worksite — everything starts with our people. We’re family-oriented, and welcome all of our staff as extended family in our close-knit team.

From driving them to and from work, to taking a BBQ lunch to their site, to hosting team fishing trips, we believe that quality time as a team builds camaraderie and improves workmanship.

A strong foundation

For 30 years, The Concrete People has delivered exceptional results in small and large-scale construction projects throughout New Zealand. Our durable concrete solutions are enjoyed by residential, commercial, and rural customers across the North Island, all served from our base in Te Awamutu. 

Call the people who can complete your job within your timeframe. Our sizeable team means we’re capable of scaling our resources to take on more projects, and bigger projects, than any other company in the Waikato.

A clear path forward

We specialise in concrete of all types, from design through to placing and finishing. From the first stages of ideation and design, right through to choosing the perfect finish, we manage your project with practice and precision to ensure you get the best result for your needs.

Our pristine health and safety reputation is maintained at all levels of our work, from the safety gear our team wears to the training certificates they update regularly. These practices are ingrained in the way we work, now and into the future.

Meet our management

As solid as the grey stuff we handle, our management team has been in the concrete business for decades. We’re passionate about our business, and find nothing more rewarding than happy clients and a beautifully finished piece of work.

Willie Lord - Director

“The biggest reward for me is seeing the achievements of the day, and completing a job well done.”

Debbie Lord - Director / Sales Manager

“The part I love the most is when I get a phone call from the client, at the end of a job, and they’re just amazed at how it’s all come together. From a piece of paper to the final product on the ground. I love it.”

Glen Olsen - Operations Manager

“I started in concrete when I was 17, it’s the first job I ever got. I’ve been in the industry 30 years, and it’s still so satisfying to see the finished product of a job done well.”

Shirley Burr - Administration Manager

“I’m happy when the team is happy, when they’ve had a successful day. I’ve been in construction a long time, and always respected Willie and Debbie for their work, I’m proud to be part of their team now.”

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