Tennis courts designed and built

We’ve been concrete tennis court contractors for 30 years, our passion for tennis producing courts that play consistently, incorporating every detail you need for a high performance game of tennis.

We can manage your entire tennis court construction process for you, including any surface overlay you choose. Our tennis courts give you so much more than a concrete slab with painted lines and a net.


Designing reliable drainage for tennis courts

Good drainage is essential to keep your concrete tennis court in top condition. The Waikato is a high rainfall area, with areas of peat. The Concrete People include effective drainage as part of your tennis court construction process. We can even build courts successfully on peat if need be.


Sub-base construction to support high-performance tennis

We will design and build a free-draining sub-base for your tennis court, with stability and strength to keep your game on the level. A well-constructed base is the foundation of a durable, performance tennis court.


Concrete tennis courts with laser-screeded playing surface

Tennis clubs, schools and community centres appreciate the benefits of a durable, consistently playing concrete tennis court.

Home tennis courts bring families and friends out to play together; exercise becomes fun on your own professionally constructed tennis court. And, when the rain stops, the court is soon ready for play again.

The Concrete People will prepare the sub-base for your tennis court concrete slab, then place and finish the slab with laser-screeding for an absolutely level playing surface.


Concrete tennis court base ready for artificial grass surface

A high performance tennis turf from TigerTurf is the icing on your tennis cake. We use laser-screeding to prepare your concrete slab for a tennis turf, which gives you the advantage of the best playing surface possible.


Painted finish on your concrete tennis court

Concrete tennis courts with a painted surface such as Qtex are popular. We can construct a perfect surface ready for the Qtex coating. Using laser-screeding, we achieve a satin-smooth, level playing surface from end to end, with a 1% fall across the court. This depends on your site and the drainage that is needed.


Total tennis court construction

  • We supply and install perimeter fencing
  • Tennis net and posts
  • Rebound walls
  • Lights so you can play hard even after the sun goes down.