Residential Concrete Services

Home owners and residential builders have contracted our concrete services for 30 years in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. We have the technical skills needed to produce top quality concrete work for your home.


Concrete slabs for new homes

Concrete floors, including standard concrete slabs and pod floors, can be boxed and poured for your new home by our residential concrete services team.

We can install, place and finish your concrete floor in plain or coloured concrete. If you’ve chosen to have your concrete floor polished, we will place and finish the concrete slab so the aggregate becomes an attractive feature of your polished floor.

We can advise you on decorative concrete floor finishes with tiled effects in coloured concrete and exposed aggregate. Talk to us about your ideas for your new home.


Residential concrete driveways, forecourts and paths

Your concrete driveway, car parking area and paths, in plain or coloured concrete or with an exposed aggregate finish, can make a striking entrance to your home, adding a style and character that is all your own.

Concrete’s long lasting intrinsic qualities will impress you and your visitors.

Swimming pool surrounds and patios

Concrete’s fluid forms and textures allow you to design patios and swimming pool areas with flair and personality. Coloured concrete creates warmth and feeling in a cold or bland area, and exposed aggregate imparts interest and texture. Using concrete for your outdoor recreational areas not only gives scope for your imagination, but also provides you with a durable, all weather surface throughout the year.

Talk to us, and we’ll make sure you have a patio and pool surrounds you will be proud of.

Residential concrete by The Concrete People

Coloured concrete, exposed aggregate and personalised concrete features bring character to your home concrete construction project. Your own setting and style adds originality, and the high standard of our workmanship imbues our constructions with lasting quality.

Our concrete stands the test of time; it also reflects the integrity with which it has been made and, in form, detail and feature, it expresses your personality.

All of us at The Concrete People love our work, and we are committed to making sure you enjoy working with us.